Machine Workshop

Our busy machine shop is extremely well equipped. Having invested heavily in CNC machines over the last few years we have a mixture of state-of-the-art modern CNC machines and well-proven indispensable manual machines. We currently have five '4 Axis' CNC milling machines and one '5 Axis' CNC machine of differing capacities. Each machine is well suited to different jobs and we can machine large cylinder blocks and other components up to 1600mm x 800mm x 760mm size.

We have three CNC lathes, all three of which incorporate live tooling for milling operations to be carried out. This reduces manufacturing times and can increase machining accuracy. The largest of our lathes is predominantly used for wheel production and can accept components up to 600mm diameter.

We have a wire eroding machine and spark eroder, both incredibly useful for cutting splines, teeth, irregular shapes and basically any 2D shape that can be drawn.  The wire eroder has a moving head to allow for tapers to be cut in jobs.

The grinding section has machines for surface, cylindrical and spline grinding. More specialist grinding jobs can also be carried out on our crankshaft grinder and con rod grinder. We have line boring, horizontal boring, cylinder boring and honing machines for engine reconditioning and manufacture.

To view our wide range of components, see our Parts Lists or Catalogues. To discuss any of the parts or to make any enquiry, please call our helpful sales team - contact us.