Engine Workshop

The engine shop specialises in the production of replacement historic race car engines, (mainly Jaguar D-Type and E-Type , Maserati Birdcage and A6GCS and Coventry Climax FPF and FW series).

We also undertake complete or partial engine rebuilds for many other makes of historic race engine, for which we can draft and manufacture parts needed that are no longer obtainable.

We also have years of experience in roller bearing crankshaft engines such as those used by Bugatti, Delage and Pre-war German cars.

All our engines are dynamometer tested in house prior to delivery. We utilise two water brake dynamometers for engine test, the larger of the two handling most of the work being electronically operated and capable of measuring up to 1000 B.H.P. The smaller 'dyno' is more suited to very old and relatively low powered engines as used for example in T13 Bugattis.