Factory Production Update

With the midpoint of the year upon us, we thought it would be a good time to update you on what we’ve been up to.



These gorgeous, Bugatti Type 46 wheels have just passed through the factory. Cast out of aluminium, the wheels are then machined, fitted with liners, finish-machined and then polished to produce a high quality finish. Both turbo-fin (as shown) and radial fin wheels have been produced


A number of Bugatti rotors have also been passing through the factory this month, with a pair pictured above. This shows the two stages of milling that the lobes receive – with the rotor on the left only having been ‘roughed out’, with material still to remove, whilst the rotor on the right has had the final lobe profile machined. Although the Bugatti rotors use a more traditional 3 lobe design, C&G are also able to make twin-lobe rotors to any specification.


June has been a busy month for Bugatti at C&G, with this stunning Type 46 passing through the workshop to receive some mechanical attention and general repair work. With the car now fully repaired, it’ll be departing later today to return to its owner.


However, there’s been a number of other projects this month besides Bugatti, with these 7.5” wide Cobra wheels fresh from the lathes and nearing completion. The 7.5” is a new product for C&G, after a change to racing regulations forced their inception. Once a valve hole has been added to each wheel, they can be either chromated or painted, ready for use.


A number of Jaguar blocks are also passing through the mills, ready to be built into Lightweight-E race engines. Made from cast aluminium, these Lightweight blocks save 47.5kg in weight compared to the cast iron used for the road going E-types.


Finally, a number of cast iron Lister differential casings are waiting to be loaded onto the mills. These are machined using our 5-axis mill, to improve accuracy and reduce lead times.