It's Ferrari Month at C&G

We have always enjoyed working on, and manufacturing parts for Ferraris of all vintages, but recently, we have been doing some very interesting work for an F40 and a 355 Stradale competition car.

IMG 4648 


The F40 in question is undergoing an extensive restoration by our friends at Moto Technique and they entrusted some of the specific engine work to us.  Read the full story of the restoration on Ferrari Chat We were asked to inspect and measure the cylinder block to assess its useabillity and recondition the cylinder heads with new valves and guides and re-cut the valve seats.  We measured the crankshaft and found it to be excessively worn, so re-ground it within factory tolerances.

While we were completing this work, the subject of upgrades came up, which resulted in manufacturing a set of bespoke full race Titanium con rods and full race cylinder head studs.  With the new ultra lightweight con rods finished, the entire bottom end of the engine was treated to a full dynamic balance in the cylinder block.

Hand-in-hand with the engine work, Moto Technique were busy rebuilding the gearbox when they found reverse gear to be cracked.  To avoid the need for buying a complete new gear cluster from the factory, we designed and manufactured a one off reverse gear for them.  The original gear was two pieces using a separate synchro ring, but we manufactured our new gear as one piece from solid for ultimate strength.  The new gear was completed with the complicated and very fine tolerance synchro dogs with reverse servo.

IMG 4675

While we were completing the F40 work, a nice pair of 355 Stradale competition heads arrived needing some reconditioning.  The valve guides had worn to excess resulting in the valves not seating correctly.  The old guides were carefully machined out of the cylinder heads, new guides manufactured and fitted.  The valve seats were treated to a minimal re-cut ready for the lucky customer to lap-in and assemble all 40 new valves!