The Busy Factory

This month's news comes to you from an exceptionally busy workshop. Relatively noisy too, as the fantastic noise of a 2.5-litre Climax FPF engine taking to the dyno can be heard.


Climax FPF Dyno


This classic powerplant was manufactured and built by us for a valued customer, who chose Weber 58DCO3 carburetters as a fuelling method. As expected, the sound of the induction is quite something.

Climax FPF dyno 2


Our CNC lathes have been as busy as ever with wheel production. This month has seen an especially large batch of FIA-style Cobra wheels travel through the workshop.

rsz img 8333

Once cromated for corrosion-resistance, these magnesium wheels weigh just 6.05kg or 13.35lb (for a 6.5" x 15") and are also available as a 8.5" x 15". Part of our wheel production process can be seen on the video we released earlier in the year showing a Porsche 917 wheel in one of our CNC lathes. It can be viewed here -

rsz hal-95-002-85 front


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