OEM Supplier of Wheels

Crosthwaite and Gardiner added another string to their bow in May when they became an OEM supplier of wheels for a specialist low volume sports car manufacturer. As C&G are gaining an excellent reputation for manufacturing wheels, the first order for these 40 magnesium wheels was a great job for the CNC lathe.


Auto Union Crankshaft

In April, Crosthwaite and Gardiner completed the machining and assembly of the crankshaft for the latest Auto Union project. In any ordinary car, this would be of little significance, but this is no ordinary car. The Hirth coupling, multi-piece crankshaft is the heart of the 6 litre, V16 supercharged engine. Like so many parts for these extraordinary cars, it is a great shame that (hopefully) nobody other than C&G will ever see this piece of engineering sculpture.

The crankshaft assembly comprises 1100 individual parts and took over 1000 hours to manufacture.


Race Retro

Crosthwaite and Gardiner provided strong support for Race Retro, the International Historic Motorsport Show at Stoneleigh in March. With a fantastic display of the company's products C&G attracted great interest from the crowd.

On display this year were a freshly finished Coventry Climax 2.0 FPF engine, a fine array of wheels ranging from Lancia Fulvia aluminium Campagnola 13" dia x 6" wide wheels up to the Porsche 917 magnesium 15" dia x 17" wide wheels. The star of the stand was a magnificently constructed 'exploded view' Jaguar LWE engine which allowed visitors to see the insides of one of our race winning engines.

As ever, it was a pleasure to see all of our customers, suppliers and friends over the weekend.