The Busy Factory

This month's news comes to you from an exceptionally busy workshop. Relatively noisy too, as the fantastic noise of a 2.5-litre Climax FPF engine taking to the dyno can be heard.


Climax FPF Dyno



Machinery and Charity

The busy factory has only been a small part of Crosthwaite & Gardiner's involvement in historic motorsport and manufacturing this month. Perhaps the biggest claim to fame has been an appearance in Machinery magazine.

 rsz machinery cover2


Racing and Trips Galore

This month has been a busy one both inside and outside the factory. The recently restored Bugatti Type 51 seen in May's News makes an appearance again this month, as it was raced in the Williams Trophy, held by the Bugatti Owners Club and the Vintage Sports Car Club at Cadwell Park.

rsz diffey at cadwell